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How to Upgrade Your Home or Office to LED Lighting

You have thought about it for months. You have read article after article and blog after blog. You know that there are benefits to LED lighting and you are ready to bite the bullet. You have big plans to switch your home or office over from incandescent lighting to LED lighting. There. You made the […]


Top Home Lighting Trends for 2016

We may be four months into a new year, but it is never too late to update your home. This year, we have already seen new trends in lighting that lend themselves to a brighter interior. You may think that you have to spend big money to make changes, but sometimes simple is better. Lighting […]


Big Energy Savings for Small Businesses

You may think that it’s only big companies who are interested in energy savings, but you would be mistaken. Energy efficiency is as much for the small guy as it is for the giant conglomerate. One of the quickest and easiest ways that your small company can save energy is by paying close attention to […]

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8 LED Lighting Terms to Know

Before the advent of light bulbs that were friendlier to the environment, picking out a new bulb for your fixture was fairly straightforward. You walked down the right aisle of the store, looked at wattage and picked one. Today, LEDs are taking over and they are anything but simple until you get used to purchasing […]