7 Behaviors You Can Change Today to Save the Planet

Who doesn’t love being able to walk through an unspoiled wood? Whether we admit to being an environmentalist or not, the majority of us love nature for all of its beauty. Unfortunately, just as many of us are doing nothing to preserve it. Here are eight environmentally-destructive behaviors you should change immediately. Not Voting If […]


Urban Gardening Growing Among Millennials

If you were asked what you thought most Millennials did this summer, chances are you would say binged on Netflix, traveled the world or even hunted for that elusive high-paying job. You would be wrong. According to the website thegbrief.com, many Millennials have discovered their green thumbs and are growing gardens in some of the […]


Do Not Label Gen Y as Environmentalists

The Pew Research Center has shared the results of a recent survey. In it, only 32 percent of Generation Y would call themselves environmentalists. This is surprising, considering that Gen X’ers count themselves as environmentalists at a rate of 43 percent, and 44 percent born after 1945 say the same. Don’t let the numbers bring […]

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