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A Guide to Energy Efficient Office Lighting

When you consider just how many rooms are in a typical office building, it is easy to understand how much energy these buildings must consume. In fact, according to Southern California Edison, 30 percent of the average office buildings energy consumption is dedicated to lighting. Because lighting uses such a large amount of energy, it […]


The Importance of Restaurant Lighting

What’s the most important thing in a restaurant? If you said food, we ask you to think again. No plate looks appetizing under the wrong lighting. The lighting in a restaurant affects several elements, including mood, food presentation and the gratification your customers feel when they are sitting at one of your tables. Here is […]

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Office Improvements You Can Make This Year

People are conscious of the way they treat the environment when they are at home. They waste less and recycle more. Then they go to the office, and often their ideals are pushed to the wayside. It doesn’t need to be that way. Sure, you may not be the head honcho, but you can certainly […]


Tomorrow’s MBA Must Focus on Sustainability

The world is experiencing the repercussions of climate change like never before. From quickly spreading forest fires to major flooding, everyone nation in the world seems to be sounding the alarm. The United States government and Pope Francis, leaders of underdeveloped countries and private citizens; everyone is standing up and taking notice of our changing […]


How to Be a Leader Not a Boss

What kind of a leader are you? That question is not an easy one to answer honestly. We all like to think that we are effective at what we do. There is a meme floating around social media that says a leader shows you how to do something, a boss tells you to do it. […]


Corporations as Environmental Activists

If you shop with sustainable companies, or those that claim to be eco-friendly, chances are that you have already heard of some of the big names: Lush, Nudie Jeans, and even Patagonia are leaders in the industry. But why the push for companies to become sustainable? Looking at the question from a business standpoint, the […]


How Top Companies Become Environmental Champions

There’s no question that the green revolution has taken off. From humble beginnings in the 1960s, the environmental movement has variously been a stirring in the scientific community, a niche grassroots concern, a counterculture, and a political pariah. Only in the last decade, as the generation of children raised on environmentalism came of age, has […]


The Top 11 Ideas for Keeping your Business Green

Today, more people than ever are concerned about the environmental impact they are making. Consumers care not only about what they are doing in their own lives to reduce negative effects on the environment, but are also concerned about the actions of the companies they do business with. Becoming a greener organization can mean your […]