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A Guide to Energy Efficient Office Lighting

office lights conference roomWhen you consider just how many rooms are in a typical office building, it is easy to understand how much energy these buildings must consume. In fact, according to Southern California Edison, 30 percent of the average office buildings energy consumption is dedicated to lighting. Because lighting uses such a large amount of energy, it makes sense to upgrade an office space’s lighting in order to save money and help the environment. Here are ways that you can update your space efficiently.

Overhead Lighting

Take a look around your office building. If your fixtures are still using incandescent or fluorescent lights, it’s time for an update. Fluorescent bulbs don’t use as much energy as incandescents, but they don’t match the energy savings of LEDs. If you don’t have the money to replace all of your fixtures or have the money to shell out for new LEDs, upgrading to T8 fluorescents is a decent option.

Accent Lighting

Most offices have accent lighting in addition to their ceiling fixtures. You can easily find an LED bulb to replace the bulbs that are currently housed in your fixtures. You can find bulbs that will provide the same amount, color and temperature of light so that your employees are none the wiser.

Lighting Controls

There are many areas of an office building that do not require constant light, yet many business owners keep the lights on out of convenience. Install motion sensors in rooms like bathrooms, closets and break rooms. These sensors will guarantee that people have the light they need, and prevent you from paying for wasted energy.

Low-Wattage Signs

Exit signs and other safety lights consume energy around the clock. Replace your current safety signs with LED options to save on energy. These lights can last for 10-20 years with constant use, further reducing your monetary outlay.

If you have more questions regarding LED lights and how they can be used to update your office, browse our website. We have plenty of ideas that you can implement immediately. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are always happy to provide more information to those who want it.


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