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Why the Lighting In Your Doctor’s Office Makes All the Difference

pediatrician talking to mother and daughterYou rarely visit the doctor when you are feeling well. Have you ever noticed that you are sitting in the waiting room and you actually begin to feel worse? If so, you aren’t alone. Patients from every walk of life have described feeling more depressed in a doctor’s waiting room than they did at home. They get sleepy and they begin to feel worse. But why? It may have something to do with the lighting or lack of.

Researchers know that natural light promotes a sense of calm. Unfortunately, many doctors’ offices are situated in such a way that they have very limited access, if any, to natural light. Daylight is important to humans. It helps elevate the mood and promote normal circadian rhythms. What, then, are doctors to do?

Organic Light-emitting diode (OLED) technology is showing promise. When installed, the light can be controlled in a unique way. The color spectrum can be modulated, effectively simulating the effects of the sun. While these systems are cost-prohibitive for most practices, doctors can use LED lights to their advantage.

By replacing the typical fluorescent light with LED bulbs, doctors can sooth waiting patients with bulbs that mimic natural light without the crackling and humming of fluorescents. There are many color temperatures, making choosing an LED system that works in a doctor’s office quite simple. In a pinch, or for doctor’s who cannot afford to switch to LEDs, full-spectrum fluorescents are recommended.

You may think that lighting doesn’t play an important role in your health, but you are mistaken. The next time you are at the doctor, take a look around and pay attention to how you feel. If you feel your symptoms worsening and notice that the light is lower than you would like, you may have all the proof you need.

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