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CFLs or LEDs: How Are They Different

CFL BulbMany people remain on the fence about switching to energy-efficient lighting simply because the choices are overwhelming. LEDs and CFLs offer such a wide range of choices that it can be easy for many consumers to stick with the incandescent bulbs they are used to. If you find yourself sitting on the fence because you aren’t sure which options are right for you, let’s take a closer look at LEDs versus CFLs.

Advantages of LEDs

If there is one major advantage to LED bulbs it is that they last longer. Even though you pay more initially, you end up buying fewer bulbs. They fit into standard fixtures without having to install adaptors. They are a great source of light for all rooms in your home.

Disadvantages of LEDs

One of the top disadvantages to LED bulbs is their cost. The good news is that technologies used to manufacture the bulbs are improving and costs are coming down. Another disadvantage is that most of these bulbs are directional, making them great for ceiling lights but not as good for lamps.

Advantages of CFLs

Compact fluorescent lights are tiny versions of the tube lights that we are used to. They fit into standard sockets and do not need adaptors. The lights used in fixtures mimic incandescents closely and look nothing like the harsh lighting in schools and office buildings.

Disadvantages of CFLs

CFL bulbs contain mercury. This can make getting rid of them once they burn out difficult. Proper disposal is taken care of through your waste management company. Because of this, many people have avoided buying CFL bulbs altogether.

There you have it. A brief tutorial on LEDs and CFLs. When you begin to learn about the two types of energy-efficient lighting available to consumers, it really isn’t as overwhelming as it seems.

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