Make LED Part of Your Overall Energy-Efficiency Strategy

4W-7W-10W-14W-T5-LED-Tube-Light-LED-LightingAs a small business owner, you want to be energy-efficient, but you want to do so in a way that gives you a quick return on your investment. There are dozens of things you can do to outfit your office in a way that is friendly to Mother Nature, but not all projects you can undertake will give you the cost-savings you are looking for.

In that vein, there are a few things you can do quickly and easily that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Here they are, in no specific order.

Energy Audit

Before you make any changes, one of the easiest things you can do is to have a professional energy audit completed. A professional can help you identify the areas in your space that are inefficient and make suggestions for their improvement. Will an energy audit save you money? Maybe not in the way you think, but a good audit will definitely provide you with the best ways to save money. It’s sort of the same thing, isn’t it?


Lighting is something that you can tackle on your own. Not only will you realize energy savings, but you won’t shell out precious capital to construction professionals. Replace the fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures in your space with T-8 or T-5 LED fixtures.

You can also change out your incandescents with LEDs anywhere you have a light bulb. Your initial outlay may be more than you considered, but you will quickly get your money back in utility-bill savings. When it comes to lighting, consider installing occupancy sensors. You will no longer have to rely on your employees to shut the lights off in the rooms they aren’t using.


It doesn’t make sense to rush out and replace all of your equipment, but as it breaks or needs to be replaced for other reasons, look for Energy Star certified machines. From your coffee maker to your computer, switching to Energy Star appliances and electronics will save you money. That certification guarantees the devices are highly energy efficient.

Heating and Cooling

Make sure that you are signed up for an annual inspection from your local HVAC company. Even new systems can have leaks that cost you big money without your even realizing it. An annual inspection can alert you to problems before they become money-sucking issues.

There are easy ways to make your office more efficient and eco-friendly, and not all of those things have to cost you big money. Lighting, Energy-Star appliances and a great relationship with your local HVAC professional can all have you reaping the rewards in money savings quickly.

For more ideas on energy savings and LED lighting, be sure to browse through our website. We are happy to provide you with the information you are looking for and, if you can’t find it, reach out to us. We want to help you become more energy efficient while being able to save a few dollars.


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