Top Home Lighting Trends for 2016

Chandelier_with_LED_lampsWe may be four months into a new year, but it is never too late to update your home. This year, we have already seen new trends in lighting that lend themselves to a brighter interior. You may think that you have to spend big money to make changes, but sometimes simple is better.

Lighting updates can make a dramatic impact on any room in your home. Whether you are thinking of renovating a room or not, updating your fixtures can provide you with a sense of renewal and give a bit of pep to your overall mood. From LED home lighting to high-tech fixtures, 2016 is set to be an amazing year for anyone who wants to update their home in a quick and easy way.

With so many options available, you have nothing holding you back. Here are five ways to transform your home in a weekend.

1. Green Your Space

LED lights are mainstream and better than ever. Forget having to wait for your bulb to heat up before it provides ample light. Gone are the days of energy-wasting incandescent bulbs. Today, you can find LEDs in a variety of colors and shapes, making them perfect for any fixture you already have installed in your home.

2. Interesting Shapes

Traditional lights rarely attract attention. Lamps on the coffee table, vanity lights and even ceiling fan lights are all somewhat unobtrusive and utilitarian. Forget about all of that. Add a bit of interest to your interior with a light fixture that has a bit of shape. Geometric styles are the rage and give your home a contemporary feel. The key to fixtures is to look for something with clean lines and faceted shapes. They will draw attention in a good way.

4. Chandeliers Are Back

Chandeliers are back with a vengeance. Drizzling crystals, hammered metals and even draping chains give today’s chandeliers a modern edge. Couple a visually intriguing chandelier with a neutral pallet and your room is transformed into something that came out of a design magazine.

5. Pendants

Are you seeing a trend yet? What’s old is new again. Pendant lighting is making a comeback right alongside chandeliers. If you think 1950s when you think of pendant lights, you aren’t alone. The good news is that pendant lights are versatile and vivid. Pendant lights can be hung in any room of the home to create interest and ambient lighting. Arrange them on their own or in groupings to make a statement.

6. Metal

Chances are that the hanging ceiling lights you are used to were made of glass. Clear or frosted, we certainly did love our glass lights, didn’t we? The modern home is screaming for a bit of metal, and not the head-banging kind. What we are talking about here are beautiful fixtures made of brass, bronze or copper. Available in a variety of finishes and styles, these fixtures are irresistible. Better yet, they come in a range of prices making them affordable for everyone.

If you want to update your home without spending weeks on renovations, a new lighting fixture or two is exactly what you need. Take a walk through the lighting section of your local home improvement store to see what’s new. We know something is going to catch your eye.

For more tips on how you can green your interior, browse through our website. We have more than a few tricks up our sleeve that are designed to save you money while you help to save the environment.


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