Big Energy Savings for Small Businesses

A19-LED-Bulb-brighter-600x400-test2You may think that it’s only big companies who are interested in energy savings, but you would be mistaken. Energy efficiency is as much for the small guy as it is for the giant conglomerate. One of the quickest and easiest ways that your small company can save energy is by paying close attention to the type of lighting you use. In fact, it’s the small buildings that consume close to half of the energy we use overall.

Today’s question is not who can afford to upgrade, but who can afford not to? Any business that fails to invest in energy efficiency will be at a competitive disadvantage in the very near future. Here is what you can do in your own small business.

1. LED Bulbs

If you are just starting out, you may not have the overhead necessary to convert your entire lighting system. A simple way to start saving energy immediately is to replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LEDs. These light bulbs are incredibly energy efficient, operating on only about $1 per year. While your costs may be a bit more than you are used to, you will recoup the cost through lower energy bills in just a few years. The average LED bulb lasts for approximately 25,000 hours, meaning it does not have to be replaced nearly as often as a traditional bulb.

2. Automated Systems

When you do have the capital needed to upgrade your lighting system, consider an automated one. You can choose a system that turns lights on and off depending on the amount of natural light in your building. You can also choose systems that depend on occupancy to be lit. For instance, the light in the restroom will turn on automatically when someone walks in and turn off again when the room is empty. This helps to ensure you are not relying on your employees to remember to turn lights on and off.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Don’t forget the outdoor lighting when you are revamping your use of energy. LEDs are available for outdoor use as well. You can choose to use exterior lights that are solar powered. These lights store energy from the sun during the day and then use that energy to operate at night.

If you are not immediately aware of the changes you can make to your small business, an energy efficiency professional can assist you. These professionals can recommend solutions based on your building, operations and needs. They can also help you make choices that will have a positive impact on the operation of your business.

For more information about energy savings for business, feel free to browse our website at your convenience. We have tips and tricks designed for homeowners and business owners alike. Sit down and stay awhile. We are sure you will find information you can put to good use.


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