Using LEDs in the High Traffic Rooms of Your Home

Putting LED bulb in lampOften, when people think of LED light bulbs, they associate them with industrial use, or maybe as those little lights to line a pathway at night. These are legitimate uses for LEDs, as they are long-lasting and cheap to operate. However, there are other ways you can use these bulbs. LED home light bulbs are becoming more common as people learn the environmental and monetary benefits of them.

You too can use LED bulbs in your home. In fact, they are a great way to brighten those high traffic rooms. When lights are on more often than not, they can burn out quickly. This can be a bigger problem when switches are turned off and on constantly. LED bulbs can save you money and the hassle of needing to regularly change out incandescent light bulbs.  

The Living Room and Den

The main room in your house sees a great deal of traffic. Your family gathers there to watch television and spend time with each other, and it is usually the main area used for a party. While you can’t always keep the lights off, you can change the bulbs themselves. The main complaint with LEDs is that the white light is harsh. Using a darker lampshade and other similar blockers can drastically reduce the amount of white light that escapes into the room. Plus, if you ever do need more light, you can simply remove the covers.

The Dining Room

Many dining rooms have chandeliers and other special lighting fixtures to set the mood for dinner. That mood is usually a bit more somber to help the family relax after a long day of school or work. Few things ruin that mood more than a burnt out light bulb, or lights that are too bright. Adjustable LED home light bulbs solve both problems. You can adjust the output of the bulb, making it brighter for homework time and dimmer for meals. Best of all, many of these bulbs are controlled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you don’t have to install any additional hardware or wiring.

The Kitchen

One of the downsides of many kitchens is the lighting. It is either too dim, or the lighting is in the wrong place and casts shadows during prep work. You can change that with LED bulbs. They are perfect to have under the range hood to light up the stove. In addition, installing a track lighting kit above the sink and/or counters can provide the light you need when you are chopping and preparing food. If that seems too intense, even a simple desk lamp with an LED bulb can work wonders.

The Bathroom

Perhaps the most overlooked room in the house, the bathroom — especially a guest bathroom — sees a lot of traffic. Family members may use it for the convenience over their own restrooms. Installing LED lighting above or around the mirror allows for a better view of makeup, hair and other features that may need a touch up. In full bathrooms, an LED bulb above the shower will help you wake up better in the mornings by exposing you to that bright light.

There are any number of ways you can utilize LED home bulbs to make your house brighter and more energy efficient. They add a modern touch to any home and will save you money in the long run. In fact, every LED bulb saves you an average of over $100 during its lifespan. For more information about LED lighting in your home, visit our website or contact us today.


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