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Office Improvements You Can Make This Year

Coworkers natural light officePeople are conscious of the way they treat the environment when they are at home. They waste less and recycle more. Then they go to the office, and often their ideals are pushed to the wayside. It doesn’t need to be that way. Sure, you may not be the head honcho, but you can certainly make changes in your own behavior that can influence your fellow employees. While you’re at it, why not make some suggestions to the higher ups? You never know who may be sitting in the corner office just waiting for a few ideas on how to make things more green.

Here are five tips that can help you and your co-workers green up the office this year.

1. Turn It Off

Just like you save energy in your home, you can save energy at the office. If you aren’t currently using it, turn it off. Natural light is a great way to avoid using electricity. If you can, unplug appliances and electronics. Phantom energy travels through power cords even when electronic devices are off.

The easiest way to do this is to plug those items you use only occasionally into a power strip. When you aren’t using them, turn off the strip. For the things you can’t turn off: Enable any energy saving features that are available.

2. The Lunch Room

Skip the disposable plates and cutlery in favor of your own, reusable items. Ask your boss to stock the lunchroom with environmentally-friendly bamboo dishes and utensils. The initial outlay may be more expensive than opting for throw-away versions, but the cost savings and benefit to the environment will eventually pay off.

3. Water

You may count yourself lucky if your boss provides bottled water for you and your coworkers, but this is a poor idea. Instead, fill a pitcher with water, stick it in the fridge and use your own reusable cup. Choose a stainless steel water bottle for the ultimate in environmental friendliness.

4. Cleaners

Toxic cleaners create a workplace atmosphere that is unhealthy. Replace the toxic cleaners with eco-friendly options. If you want to save money, mix a bit of vinegar into a spray bottle filled halfway full with water. Vinegar is fantastic for cleaning everything from glass to laminate desktops.

5. Greenery

Green plants filter air naturally, making the office a healthier place to be for everyone. If your office has windows that let ample sunlight in, consider placing a few green plants around the space. Ferns are a top choice for anyone wanting to make their air healthier to breathe.

Making small changes in the office can have a big impact on the environment. You don’t have to be the big boss to make little changes that will benefit everyone. You never know who you may inspire while you make your own changes. For more tips and tricks, be sure to browse our website. We want to help you save money while helping to save the environment. Be sure to stay a while and discover all of the information and services we have to offer.


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