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The Health Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lightsLED light bulbs are on the rise throughout America. As a result, families are saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs. In addition, the environment is also reaping the benefits. When less energy is consumed, less fossil fuel is burned. As we become more and more attuned to the need for energy efficiency in the home, and green products become cheaper to purchase, we should see a growing trend of a shrinking carbon footprint.

Beyond these obvious advantages, however, LED light bulbs hold a hidden secret: the health benefits. Keep reading to discover the benefits of LED light bulbs, and why you should start using them in your home today.

Like Sunlight

Last time you went to work or the supermarket, did you notice the lighting? We’re willing to bet you were exposed to fluorescent light bulbs. These bright white lights are known to induce headaches and other issues. In addition, they can make you feel lethargic and can negatively affect behavior, motivation and even longevity. That’s because they emit what’s called “unnatural light.” In addition, they can also emit ultraviolet and infrared rays, which can be problematic in the long run.

On the other hand, LED light bulbs emit full-spectrum lighting. This is similar to the sun’s rays, which stimulate better health, motivation and productivity. This warmer light also causes lower levels of anxiety and stress. This can be especially beneficial when you have school-aged kids who need to do homework. LED bulbs allow them to relax and focus better than other forms of lighting.

A Steady Light Source

If you have epilepsy or are otherwise prone to seizures, you must be careful about the kind of lighting in your home. Regular incandescent light bulbs often flicker, especially near the end of their life span. This is because they   run on an alternating current. This alternating current causes what most people would say is an imperceptible flickering. For someone with epilepsy, this flickering is all too apparent. And even for those not prone to seizures, the flickering can cause headaches, eye strain and other issues.  

One of the major benefits of LED light bulbs is that they run on direct current. This allows for a steady source of power that rarely, if ever, flickers. In fact, when workplaces switched over to LED lighting, complaints of headaches and eye strain dropped by over 50 percent. This effect will also be apparent in your home when you switch from standard fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LED light bulbs.

Don’t Wait — Switch Today

There are many other dangers associated with standard light bulbs. These include:

  • Presence of mercury
  • High bulb temperature
  • Fluorescent bulb hum

The solution is evident: It’s time to enjoy all the LED light bulb benefits they offer. For more information about switching over to this natural, steady light source, visit our website or contact us today.


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