The Advantages of LED Lights for the Environment

PrintMost of us make small changes in our homes in order to help the environment. Things like turning off the tap when we brush our teeth and even unplugging appliances that aren’t in use are easy things to do. Another easy thing to do is switch energy-sucking light bulbs in our lamps and fixtures. LED lights not only last for years, negating our need to replace bulbs so often, but they have many environmental advantages.

Energy Efficiency

When you replace your current light bulbs with LED bulbs, you are saving up to 80 percent of the energy your lamps and fixtures currently consume. In fact, when you turn on an LED bulb, 95 percent of its energy is converted into light. The light is so efficient that a 36 watt LED can provide the same level of light as a traditional 84-watt bulb.


Did you know that fluorescent lights are toxic? Not only do they produce an annoying buzz if you listen hard enough, but they contain toxic chemicals like mercury. When fluorescent bulbs are thrown in the trash, they contaminate landfills. Truth be told, we aren’t even supposed to be throwing fluorescent bulbs in the trash. Did you know that? If you decide to replace your fluorescent bulbs with energy-saving LED lights, please contact a reputable waste carrier to schedule proper disposal.


LED lights focus light in one direction. Because of this, fewer lights are needed to illuminate the same space. Traditional bulbs throw light in every direction. If you are reading a great novel in bed, do you really need to light up the ceiling? Since LED lights can aim light in the direction needed, fewer lights are needed around the house.

Life Span

Thanks to their longer life, LED lights require fewer carbon emissions. How? Because they aren’t replaced as often, fewer resources are utilized for their creation, packaging and transportation. Many people don’t consider this aspect when switching over to LED lights. The LED bulb you place in your lamp will last you six times longer, on average, than the type of bulb you replaced.

People today are more knowledgeable about the environment and their need to protect it than at any other time in history. While there are certainly big things that can be done, it is often easier to do the small things. The next time a bulb burns out in your home, replace it with an LED light. Not only will you be saving money on energy bills, but you will be doing Mother Nature a favor as well.

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  1. I actually didn’t know the fluorescent lights are toxic. That was a bit surprising to learn about. It makes me want to switch to using LED light bulbs.

  2. I like that you mention how led lighting has a much longer lifespan. My brother is looking to put decorations on the outside of his home but doesn’t want to change the lights all the time. I’ll be sure to talk to him about using led lights.

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