Tomorrow’s MBA Must Focus on Sustainability

shutterstock_131820818The world is experiencing the repercussions of climate change like never before. From quickly spreading forest fires to major flooding, everyone nation in the world seems to be sounding the alarm. The United States government and Pope Francis, leaders of underdeveloped countries and private citizens; everyone is standing up and taking notice of our changing environment, and that includes the business community.

Once designed to teach students how to run Fortune 500 companies, today’s MBA programs are shifting their focus to teaching students how to make positive changes socially and ecologically. New graduates are expected to not only run companies, but run them in such a way that society and our planet are the better for their efforts.

The best MBA programs are those that teach students the core values of sustainability. While some schools are floundering in their efforts, others are soaring. Here are the top MBA granting schools in the nation when it comes to imparting the importance of sustainability:

  1. The Schulich School of Business at York University

This school is sitting high atop a 12-year reign as a top school. Students and faculty are encouraged to focus on sustainability research. The school has developed an outstanding MBA program that is sure to provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in a new business model.

  1. Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University

The school has made reforms in its program and now focuses on integrated management.

  1. The Copenhagen Business School

This school is among the top for several reasons. It houses 180 Degree Counseling, a university-based consultancy that focuses on improving the effectiveness of social enterprises and non-profits. It has a variety of institutes and centres, and it is home to a sustainability-oriented Center for Leisure and Culture Services.

Anyone interested in pursuing an MBA must be more aware than ever before of the program they choose. While a traditional MBA may serve one up to a point, anyone hoping to move to the higher ranks of tomorrows business world must pay close attention to the type of program they enter.


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