Corporations as Environmental Activists

shutterstock_161237432If you shop with sustainable companies, or those that claim to be eco-friendly, chances are that you have already heard of some of the big names: Lush, Nudie Jeans, and even Patagonia are leaders in the industry. But why the push for companies to become sustainable?

Looking at the question from a business standpoint, the answer is easy: Many companies are environmental activists on a grand scale. Take Lush, for example. The cosmetics company has humble roots in the United Kingdom but has quickly opened locations around the globe. The eco-friendly company is a hit with Millennials who demand that their purchases be both safe for their families and for the environment.

Today, Lush is involved with several environmental groups, and its founders encourage employees to campaign for the environmental issues they hold close to their hearts. Tamsin Omond, the head of the company’s global campaigns department, coordinates Lush’s financing of non-profit groups and environmental charities.

What Lush does is not the same as what other companies do. Larger corporations have been known to put on a “green” face, despite their practices that are anything but friendly to the environment. When it’s all talk and no walk, companies’ images suffer. Many companies consider environmentalism to be a sort of competition. Those who are in the know realize that their stances on environmental issues can drive shareholders and make companies more profitable.

Other companies consider running on environmental ideals can draw a better class of employees. When employees are proud of where they work or share the same ideals of their employer, they are more motivated and engaged. It makes good sense to operate in a sustainable way for many reasons.

As consumers, one of the most important things we can do is educate ourselves about the companies we support. Never assume that a company is sustainable simply because it claims to be. If the environment is important to you and the health of our planet is your priority, research companies before you spend your money. You may just be surprised at what you find.


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