How to Show Your Employees Appreciation on a Budget

shutterstock_180233393As a startup, you do not have the capital to give your employees the same perks that larger companies like Google and Starbucks do. You want to show your employees that they are valued, but you don’t have the budget to spend thousands to get it done. What can you do? Here are ways that your company can reward its employees for little to nothing:

  1. Negotiate Discounts

Look around the neighborhood and see what stores are nearby. Listen to your employees to discover their favorite local shops. Speak with the owners of these merchants and ask about setting up a special discount for your employees.

  1. Ask For Freebies

If you have a drycleaner in the neighborhood, ask if they will offer pickup and delivery at no cost to your employees. Ask the local mechanic if they will offer transportation to any of your employees having their car serviced. Find out if the local bakery would be willing to give you a deep discount on anything that has not sold at the end of the day. Get creative.

  1. Continuing Education

Even if your company doesn’t have sales reps, you can easily find companies that are willing to provide lunch-and-learns to your employees. Think of the things you would like your employees to learn or improve at, and find a company who is willing to come and provide training (with lunch).

  1. Offer Discounts

No matter what your business sells, chances are that your employees can use it. Never make them pay full price. Offer a hefty discount, the ability to make partial payments through payroll, or even hold employee auctions.shutterstock_273591371

  1. Savings Accounts

Look into membership with a local credit union and offer it to your employees. Allow your employees to put a part of their pay into a savings account. The amount can be deducted directly from their paycheck before they even see it. This is a great way to help your employees build a nest egg for the future.

Think of the things that you appreciated when you were working for someone. We have all had bad bosses, but we have also had great ones. Emulate the ones that you thought were great. You don’t need to do much for your employees to gain their loyalty, but they do need to know they are appreciated. Get creative and show your employees how much they are valued.


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