The Top 11 Ideas for Keeping your Business Green

shutterstock_154639625Today, more people than ever are concerned about the environmental impact they are making. Consumers care not only about what they are doing in their own lives to reduce negative effects on the environment, but are also concerned about the actions of the companies they do business with. Becoming a greener organization can mean your current customers stay happy, and that new customers turn to you for products or services because of your reputation for helping the earth.

Not only can becoming more green help you to keep customers and attract new ones, but it can also help you to save money and to ensure your staff stays healthy and engaged.  Best practices for the environment are also healthier for your workers, and are a part of being a corporate good citizen.  Whether you are motivated by altruistic desires to do your part to save the earth, the cost-savings associated with greener solutions, or the potential to build brand loyalty, there are plenty of ways your company can become a more environmentally friendly organization.

Top Green Business Ideas

Here are a few key ideas to help make your organization a much greener organization.

  • Go paperless, or at least use less paper. Many companies today are able to significantly reduce the amount of paper waste that they produce.  Tell employees to only print when they need to, to print on double-sided paper, and to try to switch to keeping digital files as much as possible. You can use cloud-based services to back up content so nothing gets lost, and it will be easier for employees to access their work from anywhere (which means you can offer perks like work-from-home to increase employee engagement).  Employees are also going to waste less time leafing through paper and filing documents when everything is done digitally.
  • Use a fax modem or a digital faxing services. Fax modems mean you don’t have to print out hard copies before faxing- you can fax directly from computers. Digital faxing services also eliminate the need to receive paper faxes.  Getting rid of the traditional fax machine, or at least reducing its use, is a big step towards reducing excessive paper use in the office.
  • Turn off equipment when it is not in use. Turning off computers, printers, copiers, and other equipment during lunch breaks or at the end of the day can significantly reduce energy consumption. This is great for the planet, and good for your company as you’ll spend less on electric bills.shutterstock_114198151
  • Consider automatic faucet controls. Controls that turn faucets off and on automatically can reduce the potential for water waste significantly. When a tap is left dripping, even a few drops, this can waste thousands of gallons of water- costing your company money and reducing the supply of a precious resource.
  • Ditch incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are energy inefficient, they need to be replaced more frequently, and they produce unwanted heat in the summer that causes your air conditioner to work harder.  Switching out your incandescents can save your organization hundreds of dollars in electricity costs.
  • Switch to natural cleaning products. Most organizations don’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean. Your janitorial staff will thank you for helping to reduce exposure to chemicals, and your employees will breathe in healthier air all day long- which is a big benefit in terms of promoting wellness and employee engagement. Many natural cleaning products work just as well, or better, than harsh chemicals and some can be lower cost than industrial cleaners.
  • Explore options for green commuting. Put together an employee carpool program, or allow workers to do some work from home whenever possible.  You can also use video conferencing rather than having employees drive or fly to meetings, so you reduce both your travel expenses and the impact that your business is having on the planet.shutterstock_149349203
  • Recycle used electronics. Don’t just throw out old computers or electronic equipment that is no longer useful for your business.  Some computers can be wiped and resold, or can be donated to charitable organizations after company information has been thoroughly removed from hard drives.  You may be able to make money or take a tax deduction on your old technology instead of tossing it into the trash.  If you can’t find anything else to do with your old electronics, it is still important to make sure you follow guidelines for disposal, as some electronics cannot simply be put into the dumpster.
  • Refill printer cartridges. Refilling cartridges can save you money and can help to prevent cartridges from ending up in the landfill.
  • Avoid disposable products.  Offer reusable water and coffee cups for staff to use instead of paper products, and use a coffee pot that makes a large amount of coffee rather than a machine offering individual coffee servings. Whenever possible, look for ways to use items that don’t have to be thrown away but that can be re-used. You may also wish to look for products that use minimal packaging.
  • Take advantages of services that can help you.  greencents™ offers air filters and LED bulb subscriptions. Your business can offer subscription services as an employee benefit so your workers can do their part at home too.  One of the big benefits of greencents™ is the option to see what a positive impact you are actually making. You can do this by taking advantage of free access to a dashboard that reveals how many trees you are saving and how much energy reduction is being achieved, and that offers additional tips for energy efficiency.

To learn more about offering energy-saving solutions as an employee benefit, contact greencents™ today for details about our subscription services.  Do something good for your business, for your workers, and for the world.


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