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Four Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather to enjoy meals together, to discuss the day’s events and even to entertain our friends. It could be argued that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, lighting enhancements can show […]


Five Things to Know Before Buying LEDs

When your incandescent bulbs start to burn out, you may consider replacing them with LED bulbs. These lights have a lifespan of about 20 years, making them a smart, economical choice. The bulbs themselves have made significant advances in recent years, and LEDs can be used for any room in your home or office. Before […]

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A Guide to Energy Efficient Office Lighting

When you consider just how many rooms are in a typical office building, it is easy to understand how much energy these buildings must consume. In fact, according to Southern California Edison, 30 percent of the average office buildings energy consumption is dedicated to lighting. Because lighting uses such a large amount of energy, it […]

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Understanding a Light Bulb’s Lifespan

Did you know that light bulbs have lifespans? It seems, perhaps because we aren’t really paying attention, that bulbs burn out on a whim. The bathroom light worked an hour ago when you took a shower. You go in again and it pops and fizzles as soon as you flip the switch. Even though it […]

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How Lighting Affects Your Mood

Do you ever feel a bit down in the dumps when you are in a dimly lit space for an extended period of time? Have you ever stopped to notice how your mood perks up when you are surrounded by light? It’s not all in your head. Research has shown that light can have a […]


The Importance of Restaurant Lighting

What’s the most important thing in a restaurant? If you said food, we ask you to think again. No plate looks appetizing under the wrong lighting. The lighting in a restaurant affects several elements, including mood, food presentation and the gratification your customers feel when they are sitting at one of your tables. Here is […]

CFL Bulb

CFLs or LEDs: How Are They Different

Many people remain on the fence about switching to energy-efficient lighting simply because the choices are overwhelming. LEDs and CFLs offer such a wide range of choices that it can be easy for many consumers to stick with the incandescent bulbs they are used to. If you find yourself sitting on the fence because you […]

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Secrets of the LED

LED lights are becoming increasingly more common in homes and offices across America. As many who have found themselves caught up in the popularity of these bulbs knows, their subtle nuances can be a bit confusing. At least, that is, when compared to their elder cousins, the incandescents. LEDs can be startlingly simple, or they […]